Millions of people are suffering from chronic pain.

Medication can only treat the symptoms.


Surgery is a last resort

recovery can be lengthy.

Alternative therapies are available today.


LED Light Therapy

The concept of using narrow band near infrared (IR) energy from light emitting diodes (LEDs) to relieve pain was initially researched and developed by NASA for the Space Shuttle program.

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ShockWave Therapy

ShockWave therapy, also called Acoustic Wave Therapy, is a radial shockwave device which uses your body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms to repair the tissue and has been used to successfully treat a wide range of conditions from Plantar Fasciitis to Erectile Dysfunction.

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PRP Therapy

When treating orthopedic indications with PRP, a physician injects the platelet concentrate directly into the affected joint. The goal is to reduce pain level; potentially slow, stop or repair damage; and improve function.

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