How does LED Light Therapy work?

How It Works

Various conditions and injuries can cause a lack of cellular oxygen and poor blood supply, which creates an environment where the cells and tissues can take advantage of the benefits of the LEDs near IR energy. Multiple studies have shown that the introduction of near IR energy LED light therapy increases the tissue’s metabolic activity and has a significant positive effect on damaged cells and tissues, while safely affecting normal healthy cells and tissues.

The series of intertwining biological events caused by the presence of near IR light and the actions of enzymes and is called a “cellular cascade” and can have a significant impact on cell and tissue function. Many reactive proteins are enzymes and respond positively to near IR energy. The effects of near IR energy help to stimulate beneficial enzymes and reduce detrimental enzymes.

What are the effects of near IR energy LED light therapy?

Near IR energy accelerates functions of photoreactive enzymes and provides a critical increase in the molecule ATP (cellular energy unit) and nitric oxide (a powerful vasodilator which increases local blood circulation). These increases help cellular metabolism and improve circulation and nerve function. By facilitating cellular and tissue repair, the near IR energy of LED light therapy devices relieve pain.

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