ShockWave Therapy

The solution to your pain lies at our fingertips.

ShockWave therapy has been used to successfully treat a wide range of conditions from Plantar Fasciitis to Erectile Dysfunction. Learn more about what the ShockWave machine is and how it can help you with your orthopedic injuries and sexual wellness.

What exactly is ShockWave therapy?

ShockWave therapy, also called Acoustic Wave Therapy, is a radial shockwave device which uses your body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms to repair the tissue. With over 500 units installed worldwide and over 20,000 patients treated, the PulseWave® Acoustic Wave Therapy System is recommended by doctors and patients alike.  The production standards set by PulseWave® ensure quality control is thoroughly taken into consideration when creating protocols for the best possible result.

Technology is always updating so as time progresses, you will be able to utilize more features through the latest in hardware and software as soon as they are made available. The application of acoustic wave therapy results in transient cellular membrane permeability. The exchange of substances between cells is thus improved. The acoustic wave therapy treatment increases blood flow in all tissue layers, including the connective tissue, through vasodilation and neovascularization. Pulse-Wave® is based on ESWT technology for physiotherapy pain relief, sports injury and rehabilitation treatment, aesthetic cellulite reduction, stretch mark and keloid scar elimination, erectile dysfunction treatment and Peyronie’s disease.